mercoledì 2 gennaio 2013

إلاما إلاما “Elama Elama”

A brilliant interpretation done by Yasser Habeeb  an Emarati singer and produce that presentsElama Elama” a century old Yemenite song with the fusion of indian rythms and sounds that makes this piece a master one.  

إلاما إلاما زماني ,, اوه اوه اوه ,, زماني إلاما

until when my time (he's talking to his time-or life in general- and asking it until when?)

صدودا وهجرا وحزنا ,, اوه اوه اوه ,, وحزنا إلاما

rejection and abandonment and sadness, oh, and sadness until when?

على غير ذنبٍ صروف الليالي ,, صروف الليالي

without a sin (or a fault) the dismissal of nights!

تزدني عذاباً تزدنــي ,, اوه اوه اوه ,, تزدني هياما

you bring more torture (to me) and (hyam: make me more madly in love)

اناهيك يادهر من حرب لحظٍ ,, من حرب لحظٍ

يوجه لقلبي دواما,, اوه اوه اوه ,,دواما سهاما

(not very clear what it means, but on the whole it means that time always aims at my heart with arrows)

ايا دهر رفقاً ايادهر رحماً,, ايادهر رحماً

and oh time, kindness! (like be more kind) and oh time, mercy!

ويادهر فضــــلاً تفضُ ,, اوه اوه اوه ,, تفضُ الخصاما

and oh time, grace! (time) overflows, oh oh, overflows with arguments!

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