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8 March - 8 Authors X 8 Visions

It is in fact the only female work from among these eight authors that provides the key to this new exhibition proposed by the Mignon group

Fatima builds throughout her photo selection a sequence where every woman seems to "deny the look/glance" almost as if they refuse to contribute to the schmaltzy vision or a predictable facade so often associated with the female subject, rather choosing to embrace the dramas that women have to face. It is then that all the other authors contribute with their vision that is simply "TRUE":

Berto Leonio:
               In Venice for entertainment but also to live in and at all ages.

Michelangelo Cao:
              Work colleagues in "forefront".

Ferdinando Fasolo:
              On the street, every day, being protagonists within an artistic background.

Giovanni Garbo:
              At work, in their stores.

Mauro Minotto:
             Encountered along the path.

Giorgio Pandolfo:

Giampaolo Romagnosi:
            Partner, then wife and then mother.


All the women in Fatima’s Abbadi photographs apparently seem to be denying “the look/
glance", they neither want to be portrayed or seen. Only in the last photo sequence do we get an opportunity to see a woman that is the protagonist of her scene. As is customarily the case with International Women’s Day (8th March) people enhance women’s beauty, but on this occasion Fatima Abbadi’s women try to "break down the cliché" by not being positively represented at all costs. Instead by hiding their faces with their hands, an umbrella, and newspapers or simply having a nap.

The daily tragedies, violence, lack of human rights and the continuous humiliation that women have to face and endure are the real protagonists in the images of Fatima Abbadi, forcing the spectator to reflect on each photo sequence.

Fatima Abbadi (1978) is an Italian- Jordanian Palestinian, born and raised in Abu Dhabi. She moved to Jordan for her high school education and then moved to Padua (Italy) in 1997. In 2007 Fatima Abbadi attended a course by Mignon photo group where she grew to realise which path in photography she wanted to follow. Her passion for music and portrait brought her to the discovery of Street Photography and the importance of photography’s history. Since 2009 she became a member of the MIGNON group and, in addition to the group’s exhibitions, Fatima Abbadi carried out various solo exhibitions, most importantly in Amman, Jordan, Rome and Padua.

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