giovedì 20 giugno 2013

ORIENTALISM: A Reinterpretation

With this tenth edition of FANTADIA which will be held in Asolo  from the 7th to 16th June 2013 proposes, in addition to its standard installations, performances and multi-vision projections from  various foreign artists and local Italians, a photographic exhibition by Fatima Abbadi.

Municipality of Asolo: Fatima Abbadi - "ORIENTALISM: A Reinterpretation "

Fatima Abbadi introduces us to an exotic journey, permitting us to follow the traces of what was once the journey of the 'Orientalists', a phenomenon that took place and was formed around the 19th century. It aroused great interest from Westerners towards the oriental culture. In their documentations they described the caravans and camps under the various narrative forms, painting and photography, they captured biblical landscapes scenes and ancient ruins, deserts, the Bedouins and natives, scenes from daily life: such as the souks, mosques and harems, a world that since its discovery captured great curiosity due to its mystery and its inaccessible feminine sphere and hence was illustrated with various famous Odalisques bath scenes.
Scenes that often were constructed, not authentic, with the purpose of giving a mysterious, mystical and fascinating vision of what this new world could offer.

But what makes Fatima’s  approach different towards ‘orientalism', however, is that she is  an Arab- Italian 

photographer belonging to both Eastern and Western worlds and with her shots, she aims to illustrate a realistic and  authentic vision. Her shots encapsulate the landscapes and the people in an entirely real way and they not placed in a theatrical frame or schema, without any touristic propaganda or picturesque scenes. Her vision is direct and narrates her world without any distortion to reality. It is an authentic photography, with a pure and exotic scent free from typical stereotypes of Orientalist photography.

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