giovedì 5 settembre 2013

Culture and heritage in a single promo

يا هالعريس بلادك ما اريناها
يا بدلتك من جبل عجلون قطعناها
واتفصلت في حلب واهتزت الشام
يا نجمة الصبح فوق الشام عليتي
الجواد أخدتي والأنذال خليتي
يا نجمة الشام وين عليتي
الجواد أخدتي والأنذال خليتي
نذر عليّ إن عادوا الأحباب ع بيتي
لأضوي المشاعل وأحني العتاب

1 commento:

  1. Wonderful subjects and immaculate taste in photography which is an indication of a good soul behind it.

    Thank you, Fatima. Your blog is really beautiful.

    Note: Sana'a Moussa is one of my most favourite singers; she has such a heart-warming voice that I have never heard any Arab female performer sing better than her. And that song "يا نجمة الصبح" is really gorgeous.