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Annemarie Heinrich symbol of the argentinean photography of the XX century.

"Beauty is learned by watching. 
All my life I worked by looking to a body,
a light, a reflection."

Caprichos, Anita Grim, 1936 Annemarie Heinrich

Annemarie Heinrich (9 January 1912 – 22 September 2005) was born in Germany, but soon moved to Buenos Aires with her family, where she became an Argentine citizen and learned about photography.

Antonio Truyol by Annemarie Heinrich
it is in Argentina where she developed her career and her personal style that led her to create a genre that developed along with the growth of the film industry and the popularization of radio: the photography of the big stars becoming the leading Argentine celebrity photographer at just 18 years old.

Heinrich was known even for having photographed various celebrities of Argentine cinema, such as Tita Merello, Carmen Miranda, Zully Moreno and Mirtha Legrand; as well as other cultural personalities like Jorge Luis Borges, Pablo Neruda and Eva Perón.

A body , a light, a reflection is the most talent finished sample of a pioneer woman , for whom the pursuit of beauty was always a priority.

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