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Nose kiss? How the Gulf Arab greet.

Arabian Body Language
Body language in the UAE and amongst Arabs is completely different to that in the West. it would make sense to understand a little about what certain body language might mean.

To kiss the forehead, nose, or right hand of a person denotes extreme respect. Shake hands with the right hand only; the left hand is considered unclean. Failure to shake hands when meeting someone or saying good-bye is considered rude. When a Western man is introduced to an Arab woman it is the woman's choice whether to shake hands or not; she must initiate the handshake. Women shake hands only using their fingertips. Do not touch their palm and do not kiss her hand. Women do not kiss a man’s cheek in greeting, it is considered immodest.

The Nose Touch 

The Nose Touch is a quick nose-to-nose touch while shaking hands. You will often see Gulf Arab male Nationals touch noses three times as they shake hands during their greetings. This is a traditional Bedouin tradition, it is a sign of friendship, and it is common amongst male friends.

The old custom of rubbing noses is not just an Arab invention but the code of various indigenous populations in many parts of the world. For example the Eskimo and the  Māori of New Zealand also do it. It varies from rubbing to kissing, but they all require the noses to touch.

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